Music Reviews

Stratford-raised rapper J Hus has just kicked off his tour and showed fans why his album Common Sense is going

Stormzy recently graced the Rock City stage and completely shelled it down.  Stormzy’s rise to fame has been an interesting one,

Arca is an exceptionally bold third album from Alejandro Ghersi – one of the most batshit crazy producers on the

Following on from the success of their first album So Long Forever, Palace’s hypnotic melodies and mellow guitar riffs continue

JUST REMEMBER: WHAT HAPPENS ON EARTH STAYS ON EARTH. Now that you’ve had the long weekend to digest Kendrick Lamar’s

The crowded, sweaty upstairs at The Bodega crackles with energy as Idles compose themselves for the next song. A tall,

The lights are dimmed to a neon-blue. The crowd fall silent, awaiting the entrance of New York’s 70s-inspired band, The

K. Dot returns to perform lyrical feats unimaginable to many other MCs, to once again prove that he has earned

Metalheads of Nottingham were in for a treat when one of progressive metal’s biggest names descended upon the stage of

Ed Sheeran has made an incredible come back, breaking chart records with 16 songs in UK Top 20, but is