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Superfood began their journey in 2014, and have now released their second album with Dirty Hit Records and it is

On September 29th Miley Cyrus released her sixth album, ‘Younger Now’. This album was arguably just as shocking as her

Coming off the back of touring some of the top festivals in the world, Lorde brought her Melodrama World Tour

North-London indie outfit Wolf Alice make an impressively bold return to the spotlight with new album ‘Visions of a Life’.

“I’ve a soft spot fur daft romantics” – Hello, I am Scotland Oyster is a brilliant collection of modern poetry

Wonderful Wonderful sees The Killers return after five years looking to make amends for a long and drawn out fourth album that lead singer Brandon Flowers

Dominic Maker and Kai Campos, two halves of a whole Mount Kimbie, pioneered the post dubstep sound over a decade

Emerging from the smouldering, eldritch ruins of King Gizzard’s Murder of the Universe, the Aussie psych-powerhouse’s third album of 2017

Leaps and bounds above their debut full-length Wishful Thinking, 2015 follow-up Life’s Not Out to Get You proved that Neck

Offering another healthy if sometimes unpalatable dose of nostalgic eighties- and nineties-influenced indies rock, Superfood’s second record Bambino take the