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Fresh from the critical and box office success of Skyfall, the acclaimed partnership of Sam Mendes and Daniel Craig teamed up

In the world of entertainment, you sometimes have good films, bad films and sometimes even ugly films. However, occasionally you

The highly-anticipated teen drama ‘Riverdale’ successfully delivers a dark Twin Peak-esque twist on the wholesome Archie comic book series; and

The LEGO Batman movie potentially has the most entertaining opening sequences of any super-movie in the last few years (in

There will never exist a perfect film, though there will always be great films. The definition of both words perfect

Over two decades after the release of Danny Boyle’s seminal cult classic Trainspotting, all our favourite anti-heroes are back with

Pablo Larrain’s unconventional yet brilliant Jackie is a biopic that feels incredibly relevant, thanks to the historical context of its

Musicals are kind of like marmite: you either love them or hate them. Director Damien Chazelle most definitely belongs in

A good documentary has an interesting story, engaging visuals, and entertaining interviews – Fly: Journey to Frankfurt has it all,

After one of the most polarising and scandalous elections in modern U.S. history, it was only a matter of time before