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Channel 4’s latest sci-fi offering has been the new Electric Dreams, a series of standalone episodes based on the work

12th September 2016. Everyone remembers the moment they heard the news: the news that Love Productions had betrayed the nation

Series one of Broadchurch may well be a close-to-perfect, self-contained series of television, created in Britain. It has every ingredient

American Gods, the cornerstone of modern Americana fantasy, has been reincarnated by Bryan Fuller (of Hannibal fame) and Michael Green

With DC Comics and Marvel fans providing an assured audience, it’s no surprise TV and online streaming are taking on

When the first series of Love premiered on Netflix in February last year, it presented a view of modern romance

The latest gritty offering from the BBC and FX has been a great success, and a star-studded cast has ensured

Two-part drama ‘The Moorside’ concluded on BBC One last week, a dramatisation of the case of Shannon Matthews that shocked

Drew Barrymore adds herself to the list of A list movie stars making the jump to the small screen with

There’s nothing quite like taking an ambitious gamble with a Netflix TV series in the middle of the week. With