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Each month Impact will review the latest news and discoveries from the world of science. The Leap Second – 1st


NASA’s Kepler telescope has found a habitable planet within the Milky Way with striking similarities to our own home world


As part of a new monthly online feature, Impact will be investigating the latest news, projects and discoveries in the battle


With the final deadline for proxy voting now passed, all that remains in the general election cycle is for the


In November last year, Sony Pictures Entertainment was attacked by a number of very serious hacks, resulting in the leaking


The result of decades of intensive research into the causes of cancer has started to come to fruition in the


Ah, Jägerbombs – the best way to start a good night out, and often the sure-fire way to end that


Virtual Reality technology involves rendering an immersive 3D computer generated environment that the user can interact with and explore. This


Microbial life can exist across a wide spectrum of conditions – far greater than us rather impressive but limited multicellular


The Imitation Game, released last year in cinemas nationwide, tells the story of Alan Turing, played by Benedict Cumberbatch. This