When you think of romantic animals, cockroaches may not be top of your list; I suspect they would struggle to


These days, it doesn’t matter if you’re a hard-core science nerd or simply a casual I Fucking Love Science browser

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Upon publishing his pivotal general theory of relativity, Albert Einstein produced a series of gravitational field equations for the great


So far 2016 has been the rollercoaster ride from Hell and we want to get off.  Planet Earth is being


Recently, no fewer than five nuclear testing reports have come out of North Korea, a state that seems to be


We take a look at the biggest news from the science and technology industry over the last month.  Montreal saves


In 1669, phosphorus was discovered by a German alchemist called Henning Brand; almost 350 years later, the periodic table is


The disconnect between the general public and the scientists whose research they fund is a constant source of frustration on

The continent of Europe is at crisis point. Since April 2015 it has faced the largest refugee influx since the


On Wednesday 27th April, Impact attended a debate held at University Park in which the matter of fossil fuel divestment