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Emerging from the smouldering, eldritch ruins of King Gizzard’s Murder of the Universe, the Aussie psych-powerhouse’s third album of 2017

Offering another healthy if sometimes unpalatable dose of nostalgic eighties- and nineties-influenced indies rock, Superfood’s second record Bambino take the

A project as expansive as Planetarium would have to be a collaboration. Originally a commission for American composer Nico Muhly,

Alexandra Savior’s debut album is a dark and gloomy trip through the grip of love. The guiding hand of Arctic

‘All that I want is to wake up fine.’ Paramore’s realistic yet simple opening line sets up the new incoming sound from their

Three years after commemorating their 40th anniversary, the iconic American band Blondie have released their 11th studio album, Pollinator. While listeners

Inspired by ‘Les-tah’s surprising Premier League title victory in 2016 as well as a return to the band’s typical dulcet

Film soundtracks can be hit or miss at times. Not Guardians of the Galaxy’s. James Gunn revives thirteen tracks from

You hear a lot about artists in varying genres truly taking their sound or their area of music to a

Stormzy recently graced the Rock City stage and completely shelled it down.  Stormzy’s rise to fame has been an interesting one,