Jeremy Dobson

In light of Nottingham councillors giving the go-ahead to extend the street drinking ban throughout Nottingham, Impact Comment discuss if street-drinking

The Coen brothers’ latest protagonist, Llewyn Davis, lives the life he sings about. As part of the duo ‘Timlin &

The label of ‘supergroup’ is a problematic one. Surely any band worth describing as ‘super’ (like my nan would) is

The 2013 BRIT awards are fast approaching. We therefore decided to choose our own winners from the nominees ahead of

For a seminal band like My Bloody Valentine, the challenge of creating more music post-reunion is daunting. If a band

Jack White puts a lot of effort into making his set seem effortless. His choice to tour with two different

Here’s Impact’s pick of the gigs hitting Nottingham this month. Be sure to check the Impact website again in the coming weeks