Jessica Rushton

We’ve been told to never judge a book by its cover. But what if they were honest? What if book

TITLE: After Mrs Rochester AUTHOR: Polly Teale GENRE: Romantic Screenplay PUBLISHER: Nick Hern Books PUBLISHED: 2003 PAGES: 96 Impact Arts

Advice from the best people I know. Is it passion or is it words That make you sound as free

“Gatsby believed in the green light”, and clearly so does The Great Gatsby: Work in Progress – a cast that have

Be prepared to be enter the world of Stephen’s (Alex Wells-King) flat, where he keeps a woman (Monica Forero) chained to

Imagine if the weather was permanent. Permanently sunny. You’d tell me, what’s wrong with that? Sunny days are the best

Paranoia? Never. “It’s bullying” exclaims Nick Gill as Thomas. Bull will leave you traumatised after a turmoil of emotions. In

A copy of the well-known poem has been put on sale in London with an inscription to Eliot’s therapist expressing

With February 14th fast approaching this weekend, we can turn our eyes to the masters of love: authors, poets and

Tuesday 26th January 2016 saw J.K. Rowling awarded the PEN award of Free-Speech, which is given each year to an