Most teenagers tend to adopt the same diet as their parents when living at home due to convenience and upbringing.

In first and second year, I must admit that I played a particularly dangerous game with my finances, skirting the

Book lovers, which do you prefer: old battered charity shop books or the classic clean nice-smelling Waterstones editions? Impact Arts

Our university is currently facing a great deal of criticism from its students in response to its financial decisions. Each

Future Finance, a specialist student loans company, has raised concerns surrounding students’ abilities to finance their educations. The survey, which

As the slog of the winter semester begins to draw to a festive end, many of us are without money;

The cost of living as a student, the cost of study for a student, and the total debt students come

Young workers earning the National Minimum Wage will receive a pay rise of 25p per hour, with around 500,000 people

Manchester-based champions of melancholy, MONEY, kicked off their latest UK tour at The Bodega last Thursday to promote the  recent release

Whilst abroad students have to think more carefully about spending money. All of a sudden, the commonly used overdraft is